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Best Heat Pumps of 2019

Reviews and Buying Guide

Heat Pumps are nothing but a type of Air Conditioning System which combines the traditional Air Conditioning system inside. Heat Pumps are outdoor units which act as an air conditioner during the hot days and heating sources during the winters. As the name suggests, a Heat Pump collects air from the atmosphere and with a built-in pump, it pumped the heat into your home. Here, we have reviewed the market’s best Heat Pumps from the trusted brands. If you are looking for a new Heat Pump for your home, then the following list of heat pump reviews will be helpful to you. 

There are people who don’t know how this unit works and what are the benefits of using it! Well, if you haven’t used a Heat Pump ever and looking for some more knowledge about this unit, then here we have provided all the information about the Heat Pump and its functionality. We have also included a detailed buying guide to help you pick the most suitable heat pump from the market. 

The reason behind why we have selected the Top Heat Pump Brands is you will get the quality product from the market. Since the competition is very high in the market, there are hundreds of brands available with a range of heat pumps. However, you should always go with a trusted brand which can ensure the quality of the product with a long-lasting life. 

5 Best Heat Pumps in 2019 – Detailed Review

If you have figured out a heat pump is the best option for your home, then you should start searching for the most affordable and suitable heat pump from the market. To narrow down the selection process of a heat pump, here we have picked the most affordable heat pumps for economy buyers. You can explore top heat pumps online from different websites where you will see all types of heat pumps with different price ranges. 

After hours of research, we have finalized this list which includes all types of Heat Pumps from the world’s most trusted brands. Let’s get on to the list right now! 

1. Pioneer WYS012-17 Heat Pump



  • Easy to Install system with all the accessories included
  • Built-in Vacuum Pump
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • 5 Year Warranty on the Compressor
  • Free Technical support


  • Poor customer care service
  • Some users are complaining about the leakage issue in the indoor coils

Pioneer has been in the market and providing a huge range of home appliances for consumers across the world. If you are looking for an all-in-one Air Conditioning and Heating system for your home, then Pioneer’s combined system is here to suit your needs. 

The new Pioneer’s system is designed with the latest technologies that offer superior performance with enhanced comfort. You will get all the essential tools in the package with a setup instruction booklet to set up each and every component of this system in your home. The system set includes a ductless indoor unit, outdoor unit, Installation kit and a remote controller to take full control of various functions of the machine.

If we talk about the indoor temperature range, you can set the temperature between 62~90 F with a low heat setting at 46 F. You can also manage the cooling mode and heating mode of the machine with a remote controller. You don’t need to panic once the machine is installed, as everything can be controlled easily using the Remote Controller. 

The Ductless Indoor Section comes with a flat surface and features an LED panel to see the temperature and the current mode. It uses permanent washable filters and uses a multi-speed fan motor for controlling the system. It runs quietly and doesn’t make any type of noise during its operation. 

The outdoor unit is nothing but a compressor just like the traditional Air Conditioner. It is constructed with a durable galvanized metal material which lasts for years. It requires a single power output which makes the operation mess-free. 

The LCD screen remote control is also an essential tool which helps you to operate and customize the functions of this system as per your requirements. The Installation Kit includes all the useful tools and accessories to set up the entire system in your home. You don’t need to purchase anything from the market as everything is very well included in the box. 

2. Senville 12000 BTU SENA-12HF/Z Heat Pump




  • Uses DC Inverter Technology for powerful performance
  • Works as an Air Conditioner and Heat Pump
  • Comes with Energy Star Certified
  • Designed with Whisper Technology for quiet performance
  • Ideal for bedrooms, drawing rooms and offices
  • 7 Years of Manufacturer Warranty 


  • Many users have issues with the temperature control functions of this unit.

Senville’s new generation Air Conditioner and Heat Pump unit allows you to enjoy powerful cooling and heating. This unit is designed for the people who want to purchase a compact-sized heat pump. It comes with an energy certified rating which makes it more efficient and doesn’t put a hole in your pocket with a high electricity bill. It consumes less energy and still offers powerful performance. 

The machine comes with all the essential tools and the main units to set up this Air Conditioner cum Heat Pump in your home. The Indoor Air Handler is mounted inside your home just like the Air Conditioning handler. This Handler runs quietly and provides cooling and heating to your home or room. It features an LED display to monitor the temperature and current mode. 

It is designed with an industry leading technology to suit the demands of different types of consumers. High-quality design and attractive looks enhance the beauty of your home. It is an ideal unit for bedrooms, drawing room and commercial building. 

The Outdoor condenser is located at the outside of your home. It is made from high-grade metal material and coated with long-lasting plastic paint to make it anti-corrosion. It works for the indoor handler and with the selected mode, it throws out hot and cool air inside the room. 

Additionally, the unit also features a remote control powered by a thermostat. It comes with an LED display which lets you adjust the temperature and mode of the unit. The remote control very handles and you can manage the temperature of different rooms using the buttons. 

Moreover, the company is offering 7 Years Warranty on the condenser and limited manufacturer warranty on the parts. The package includes a full installation kit along with the essential tools. You don’t need to purchase anything from outside once you purchase it. The package also includes a user-manual with proper instructions. Go through the given steps to set up the machine and to understand its functions.

3. GoodmanR-410a GSX160361 – 3 Ton 16 SEER Heat Pump



  • Uses Liquid Line filter dryer
  • Energy Efficient ratings
  • Ground lug connection
  • Compact-sized unit
  • Made from High-grade metal and aluminium material
  • Backed by a 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • A Qualified Installer required to set up and install this machine.

If you are looking for an ideal Central Air Conditioner for your home, then Goodman’s 3 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner is the best option for you. This Air Conditioner is quite unit and offers powerful performance compared to the same range of other Air Conditioning units. It uses an advanced filter dryer technology which saves a lot of energy. The compression system and cooling system both are energy efficient which puts a bound on the electricity bill. 

This unit is designed to be at the outside of your home for cooling the inside. No matter whether you are looking for an Air Conditioning unit for the commercial application or for the residential one, this Air Conditioner suits better and gives you the best of cooling. You can also use this unit as a heat pump with built-in functions. 

If we talk about the design of this unit, it is made from high-grade aluminium material and metals which ensure great durability. As a cooling agent, the unit uses R410A which makes this machine user-friendly to the environment. It doesn’t affect the ozone layer and keeps the environment free from pollution. It is 100% eco-friendly!

Unlike other air conditioning systems, this unit has a unique design and looks pretty nice. It runs smoothly and doesn’t make any noise; it runs silently and offers the best of cooling. It can cover up to 1,300 to 2,000 square foot area which is quite suitable for homes and commercial applications.

Once purchased, a qualified installer will come to your home and install this machine wherever you want. You will never have any issues with the installation process of this unit. Make a worry-free purchase and you will get the value-for-money product from the Goodman. 

Moreover, the company is offering 10 Years of Manufacturer Warranty on the compressor unit. Full installation kit will be provided inside the box along with a user manual and a warranty card from the manufacturer. You can read and follow the instructions to know more about this Air Conditioner unit and its functions. 

4. Frigidaire FFRH0822R1 8000 BTU Heat Pump



  • Compact-sized two-in-one unit
  • The low-power startup makes the machine power-efficient
  • Effortless temperature control
  • A number of speed control functions
  • Fully-functional remote control
  • Built-in energy saver mode
  • Washable mess filters
  • Limited Manufacturer Warranty


  • Not suitable for large area
  • Lacks energy star ratings
  • Issues with a built-in heater 

Frigidaire provides innovative home appliances for the new generation consumers. If you are looking for a new Air Conditioner and Heat Pump unit, then Frigidaire’s Compact Slide-Out Unit is here for you. This unit has a unique slide-out chassis which makes it look different from others. It is an ideal unit for small-sized rooms of up to 400 Sq. Foot area. 

The unit comes with built-in filters which offer clean and cool air. It comes with tilt-out access and can be removed from the main handler easily. The filters are washable so you don’t need to purchase them again and again, just remove them from the main unit and wash it with normal water. The unit also notifies you when the filters need a wash. 

Moreover, the machine comes with ready-control options which let you take full control of the machine with built-in functions. It provides an effortless one-touch control to manage the temperature and to set up the cooling area. All the features and customizable ones and you can also set up a timer for 24 hours. Apart from this, a number of cooling modes are also available, just set the mode and the machine will start working itself. 

The unique slide-out chassis makes the installation process quite easier. For the installation of this unit, you don’t need an expert installer. If you are into DIY projects, then you can install this unit for yourself. First, you need to install the outer part of the unit outside your home and then slide-down the cooling part inside the home. The design matches well with your Window and you will not face any troubles during the installation process. 

Additionally, you will also get an advanced and full-functional remote control with digital display. The remote control offers flexibility to control the temperature and change its functions. If we talk about the built-in buttons, the remote-control features energy saver, cool, fan only, sleep, auto fan, timer and heat buttons. 

All-in-one, the machine comes with 3 cooling speeds, 3 fan speeds and 1 heat speed. As per your requirement, you can select the suitable speed and mode from the remote control. Apart from this, there is a special 24-hour on and off timer option also available. 

The package of the machine includes a Window setup kit all the essential accessories and tools. A user manual is also included in the box. Go through the instructions to know more about the machine’s features and its functionality. You will also get a limited manufacturer warranty on the unit and its built-in compressor. 




  • Easy Installation with Precharged 410 Quick Connect Lineset
  • Compact in size
  • Supports Wi-Fi connection
  • Can be controlled using a smartphone with a compatible app
  • The built-in Leakage detection system
  • Sleep Mode for ultimate good night sleep
  • Corrosion-resistant parts
  • 7 Years Warranty on Compressor and 5 Years Warranty on Parts


  • Not able to maintain a constant temperature
  • The app lacks important features

If you are looking for a compact-sized Air Conditioning and Heating system, then Mr.Cool’s new 12L BTU Seer is the perfect split system for you. This design can be easily mounted on the wall and it doesn’t occupy extra space in your home. It’s a combined system which comes with both, indoor and outdoor units which can be installed easily. 

Unlike other systems, this unit comes with a ductless design which means people with basic knowledge of electricity can easily install it. It doesn’t require a professional installer as it comes with all the accessories and tools which are essential to set up this unit. You don’t even need to purchase anything from the market. 

Being an advanced system, this unit comes with an advanced leakage detection system. If there’s a leakage in the system, you will easily get to know about it avoid extra maintenance. This system is designed with an innovative technology which automatically reduces the power consumption and makes it energy efficient. When it reaches the desired temperature, it will go on a standby mode which saves extra energy while running. 

The design of this system fits well anywhere you want as it doesn’t require much space for the outdoor and indoor units. Apart from this, this system comes with an innovative Wi-Fi connection feature that allows you to take full control of the system using a smartphone. By installing its app on a respective smartphone, you will be able to connect with the system and can control the different features and functions. 

Moreover, this system features an Auto Restart mode which restarts the unit itself when the power cut occurs. It offers Low Ambient Cooling which makes it an ideal unit for hot temperature rooms such as server rooms etc. 

It offers full good night sleep with its built-in Sleep Mode feature. You don’t need to adjust the temperature and timer of the machine, just enable the Sleep Mode and have a full night sleep without any manual settings. 

The condenser is made from a high-grade and corrosion-resistant material. Additionally, it comes with a number of other smart features which will be there on the application. You can make use of all the functions and features of this unit to adjust the temperature in cold and hot days. 

The company is offering 7 Years of Warranty on the Compressor and 5 Years of Warranty on other parts of the unit. The package includes all the essential accessories and installation kit for easy installation. You will be provided with a user manual and proper instructions to understand the machine’s functionality and its features. 

These are the best and top-selling Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Systems available on the market from various brands. We have picked the units which are high in demand and receive good feedback from their original users. We hope you have figured out which system is good for you from the above list. 

If you are completely unaware of this system and can’t decide which Heat Pump is good for you, then here we have prepared a detailed buying guide for you. The following guide will help you to pick the suitable Heat Pump and Air Conditioning system for your home, office or any commercial applications. 

Heat Pumps Buying Guide 

Heat Pumps are getting popular day by day as they are more efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems. A Heat Pump works as a cooler and heater simultaneously and you don’t need to install two separate systems in your home to tackle with different seasons. 

People who are not familiar with Heat Pumps, always choose to go with a traditional air conditioner and heater systems. To make you all aware of the Heat Pump, here we have prepared a detailed buying guide for you. Let’s get on to it now! 

Types of Heat Pumps 

Basically, there are three types of Heat Pumps available which are there for different types of users and their applications. All the types of heat pump are enlisted below with their design and functionality. Here’s what you might want to know about the types of the Heat Pumps. 

  1. Split Ductless Heat Pump

This type of Heat Pump comes with two different units just like the Air Conditioning unit. An outdoor unit I.e. Condenser or Compressor and an indoor unit I.e. air handler. The Indoor air handler installs on the wall or on the ceiling as per your requirements. 

Basically, the indoor units run silently and they throw cool and hot air inside the room or house. Both the units connect with each other using a pipe which circulates air from outdoor to indoor. 

This type of units is designed for small applications I.e. bedroom, offices etc. They are more energy efficient than other types as the compressor can be controlled easily with the desired temperature. Since there are two different units available, the installation cost would be a little higher than other systems. 

  1. Air-Source Heat Pump

Air-Source Heat Pump is the traditional heat pump. This type of heat pumps is highly recommended by the experts and they are relatively more functional than the split heat pumps. This type of heat pump also comes with two separate units I.e. indoor and outdoor units. 

The same method is used by the air-source heat pump I.e. it circulates refrigerated air through tubing which is internally connected with each other. According to a recent survey, new generation heat pumps would cost 50% less than the traditional heat pumps as they save a lot of energy. 

  1. Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal Heat Pump is designed for big applications which require a large area to cover. Basically, the Geothermal Heat Pump passes air through a series of pipes. These pipes are aligned horizontally and vertically in a chamber. The pipes are connected with groundwater which circulated heated water. 

Geothermal Heat Pumps reduces up to 25% energy of your home. This type of heat pumps is quite silent and don’t make any noise. They are designed to last for years as the parts are made from high-grade metal and aluminium materials. 

Geothermal Heat Pump is suitable for large area and big applications and for that reason, they are relatively expensive than the conventional air cooling and heating systems. 

Things to Know Before you Buy 

  1. Size

Size is the most important factor to consider before you search for the heat pump on the market. If you pick an undersized or an oversized heat pump, it will not cool or heat the room effectively. It also increases the electricity bills which you might not need. For that reason, you should first figure out the size of the area you want to cover through a heat pump. 

An unsuitable unit won’t make you feel comfortable. If you pick an oversized heat pump, it will cost extra money upfront. The life-span of high-end heat pumps are also short as they turn on and off for so many times. 

  1. Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of the heat pumps is measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. For new units, this ratio is 13 for different regions of the United States. For other states, the ratio of the units is 14 SEER. 

If you live in a warmer region, then you should go with a high SEER ratio system as they are good are lowering down the temperature of the air and making your room area cool in less time. They require less time in cooling and offers powerful performance. 

You should understand your requirements first before you can finalize on a particular Heat Pump system from the market. Some terms are really very important for you to know. 

  1. Climate

Climate should also be considered while choosing a Heat Pump from the market. Different manufacturers have different types of Heat Pumps which are designed for various applications. You need to check the climate condition of the area you live in and then select the suitable type of the Heat Pump. 

Heat Pumps are of different types and come in different sizes. And there are hundreds of manufacturers available on the market for different types of consumers. Heat Pumps come with a set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s check them out now! 

Advantages of Heat Pump 

  1. Energy Efficient

New generation heat pumps are designed with the latest technology which makes them consume less energy compared to the conventional heat pumps. Experts say that the Heat Pump consumes up to 50% less energy. Heat Pump uses electricity just to cycle the refrigerant from the atmosphere. 

  1. Low Installation Cost

Heat Pump’s units are easy to install and they don’t need an expert installer for the same. The units come with an installation kit and a user manual with proper instructions. Anyone can easily set up and install the heat pump in their home. As a result, they are cost-effective and don’t ask for extra cost for installation. 

  1. Environment-friendly

Most heat pumps use R410A refrigerant which makes them environment-friendly. The heat pump emits low carbon which is a plus point for the consumers. 

  1. Runs silently

Heat Pumps are energy efficient as they are designed with the latest technology. For the very same reason, the indoor air handler runs smoothly without making any noise. You will have a good night sleep as the machine doesn’t interrupt your sleep. 

  1. Multiple Fuel Option

Heat Pump uses dual fuel systems which make them more efficient than the conventional systems which run with only one fuel. The system automatically switches to a different fuel mode if the existing fuel is not enough for the system. 

If you have already purchased a Heat Pump or going to purchase one from the above list, then you should first gain proper knowledge about installing it on your home. Here, we have prepared a list of Heat Pump Installation tips which can help you to set up the units properly in your home. 

Heat Pump Installation Tips

If you ask the professional or an expert installer, he would tell you that over 90% of problems and issues of heat pumps occur due to bad installation. Yes, it is the fact and everyone should know about it. Since you are going to purchase an expensive unit for your home to enhance your comfort level, you should take enough care during the installation process. Thankfully, most manufacturers offer free installation when you purchase their units. Still, if you are not familiar with the installation process, you should not try it out on your own. 

When an expert installer come to install the unit that you have purchased recently, you should ask a few questions to him. You can ask questions like…

  • How experienced he is!
  • How many years did he spend in this industry?
  • Will he test the load test?
  • Make sure he carries a license with him.

Apart from this, you can also search on the Internet or on the product page for more information about the Heat Pump, its functions and features. Every Heat Pump comes with a user manual included in the package. A user manual is an essential booklet which comes with all the instructions to set up the machine and to understand its functions. You should gain enough knowledge about the product that you have purchased or going to purchase soon. 

Final Words: 

Heat Pumps are gaining popularity over the past few years just because of its high efficiency and great performance in both, hot and cold days. The market is full of competition and you will find plenty of options in front of you. To make the perfect choice from the available options, kindly go through the above buying guide first. Follow the reviews of the market’s best Heat Pumps and pick the most suitable unit for your home or any other applications.